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Arethuse Geology is a consulting company specialised in exploration and mining services. We offer consulting services, technical expertise, operation management and training to provide you with the necessary information to assess your projects.

Arethuse values the technical in-depth knowldege and the value of on-the-job mentoring of your teams.
Arethuse Geology has a permanent presence in West Africa and Sudan. Arethuse, through it wholly owned company Alpheus FZ-LLC, is as well a Mining Management company dedicated to developing small to mid-size mines in Middle East and Africa. Focusing on operation management, it has a team of seasoned mine engineers and technicians with a proven track record. Alpheus work with a focused number of expert that can meet all technical expertise along the chain of value of a mine site.
Arethuse has recently open an office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Arethuse Arabia Mining to serve the Saudi mining market. 

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Arethuse Geology

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Research & Development

Joint research geoscience program (Laboratory) with french National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS), the french National Agency for Research (ANR), University of Lorraine, University of Montpellier

Metallogeny of Proterozoic and Archean belts, for precious and base metals, rare metals, related to Geodynamics

Numerous peer-reviewed academic publications, and scientific communications

Knowledge base on African and Arabian plates 

Our Services and values

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Arethuse, a geology specialist of Africa and Middle East

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Our African & Middle East  footprint

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Case studies

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Due Diligence

Arethuse intervenes in all level of Due diligences for M&A, organisational audits, for Mineral Resources, or assemble larger teams including mine engineering, and metallurgist.
Commodities included Gold and Copper, Manganese, Bauxite, Silver, and energy transition metals, all over Africa and Middle East. 

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Mine Design and Planning 

On a numnber of different commodities, including Gold, auxite, Phosphtae, but although industrial minerals, Arethuse provided optimised pits, and strategic mine plans over the Life of Mine.

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Turn key Exploration project management (Gold and base metals)

Our client, a key regional player with a large greenfield property over 15,000km², requested Arethuse to find new exploration targets with significant ready to drill occurences.
After a preliminary taregt generation based on broad speced geoscience data, Arethuse recommended to focus on specific mineralised belts. Following a turn-key 1 year field exploration project, Arethuse identified and outlined drilling targets with significant gold potential.

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Drilling campaign supervision

Our client, a key regional west african player, had a immediate need for a drilling camapign, but lacked sufficient human resourdces. Arethuse provided senior on site supervision for the few montrhs of the campaign, including setting up all sampling procedures, QAQC protocols, and on-the-job monitoring.

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Geological Expertise

For a West Afriucan mid-tier gold producer, Arethuse provided a structural expertise to adjust the geological model basing the Mineral Resources, and enhancing near mine exploration.
Besides, Arethuse provide on-site training on the basis of Structural geologhy to the mine and exploration geologists

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Mineral Resources estimates 

Arethuse has been the Mineral Resource consultant for a significant gold and copper player in East Africa over 10 years, providing on-the job training on the whole drilling and sampling chain, geological modeling. Following up on grade control and reconciliation, Arethuse helped this mining comapny to set-up its whole Mineral Resources management. 


  • Arethuse Geology - France
    29 Allees St Jean
    13710 Fuveau - Aix en Provence
    Remi Bosc, Managing Director
    Mobile: +33 6 03 33 42 86
  • Alpheus Fz Llc - UAE
    FDRK4134, Compass Building,
    Al Shohada Road,
    AL Hamra Industrial Zone-FZ,
    Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
    Contact Remi Bosc, partner
  • Arethuse Arabia Mining - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    King Abdul Aziz Street
    Sahafa district
    Riyadh, 13315
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Dr Adil Hashim, Partner
    Mobile: +966 501591214

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